Frequently Asked Questions

What is bagaskara?

Bagaskara, or Bagaskara Galih Perkasa is a quality furniture manufacturer from Jepara, certified SVLK and FSC.
Address at Jl. Kecapi Rambutan, RT. 02 RW. 03 Kecapi, Jepara. Central Java – Indonesia. The Chairman is Mr. Andang Wahyu Triyanto, was built since 2007 and now has approximately 350 employees.

What excellency distinguished Bagaskara with other furniture manufacturers?

Bagaskara is driven by the native son of the nation who inherited the history of Jepara’s worldwide furniture.
“Jepara is Carving City” thickly flowed in the blood of the crews of Bagaskara who has been globalized.
Only produce furniture with character, innovative design with the best construction strength. Always build a commitment to provide quality products, timely, price to maintain good relationships.

Do ordering furniture in Bagaskara really tailored to my needs?

Of course! Since 2007 Bagaskara has been tested and proven, experienced in exporting to many countries in various continents in the world, with a good level of satisfaction.
Bagaskara manufactures recycled teak and plantation teakof indoor and outdoor furniture. Combination with stainless steel, iron, aluminum, batyline, fabric and rattan for customized and standard design are available. Using legal wood, and our creativity is always on the move.

Buy a Bagaskara product should be a big party or may be a retailer?

We serve wholesale with capacity of a month is 12 containers.
And also for resellers, we serve too.
So do not worry, immediately contact the marketing department Bagaskara.

Can I order directly from the website?

Here you can more freely choose Bagaskara products. Furthermore, for more details and for privacy order communication will be via email.
Basically we build this website to be an easy and smart way, as a window for you to understand Bagaskara.

How long does it take to process my order?

Of course it is “faster is better”.
We will make everything efficient, so quality remains a priority and not wasteful of time.
And as a reference, if your orders through the process of shipping container, will be processed in a maximum of 2 months of production.


How if i want my own design to order furniture in Bagaskara?

Thats truly spirit.
We are very open for every design you wish and your imagination can be created well in our hands.

I am very excited to do order. What should I do to be able to order goods in Bagaskara soon?

Well, as explained in the contact page on the web, you can start from visiting our site to choose the items to be purchased, then contact our marketing section via phone / fax: +62 291 4298234, do not hesitate also to discuss the you need, especially if you want a custom design.
Or email it via email address: | |, or through our email


How is the system and technical payment?

30% – 50% deposit as agreed. And payment after the production finish.

Can I order Bagaskara products to resell again with my own private label or company?

Of course Bagaskara is happy and open to serving the needs of customers like this. Even already many furniture companies from America and Europe and others. who entrust the process to their products and labels to us.